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1 Ton $350 3 Ton $385


5 Ton $450 Sprinter $275

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 Tasty Lighting Supply has been serving the rental needs of video and film production for 20 years, and continues to be the best customer-focused rental house in Minneapolis. Our guiding prinicpal is to make the client happy by making their production look great.


Lighting, grip gear, trucks, vans, generators, dollies,walkies,production miscellany;you need it, we have it. Need a monster cyc wall with drive-in capability? We've got that too - Acme Stage, in our 25,000 sq ft space, conveniently located in South Minneapolis. Photo gear for your photo shoot? Got tons of the newest and best!


 Arri, Mole-Richardson, Kino-Flo, Chapman-Leonard, Fiilex, Broncolor, LiteGear, AadynTech Profoto and many others. We buy from all the best suppliers to best serve your needs. We are also constantly adding to our inventory, based on customer feedback and ever evolving technology.


 We work with productions of all sizes and budgets, and are happy to work with you to get the products and services you need - at the price you can pay. Owner/operator Michael Handley has been a grip/gaffer for over 20 years and has the experience to guide you and  help select the gear you need to get the look you want.


Take a look at our truck/Sprinter packages for the flexibility of mobile shoots and locations; tailor the package by adding on specific items that go beyond the standard. If you don't see it, just ask, we probably have it, and if we don't, we know where to get it. Leave it to us - we work for you.



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Lighting packages and electrical support not included in above pricing

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